Monday Is Here with Us and All Teachers are Reporting Back to School, Not because They Know what They are Going To do But Because They have Been Ordered to.

They are Coming On monday To Sit and Listen on The Way Forward From Their Principal.

It’s a tough Time for Principals. The Government won’t give you Funds. It’s Not going to Train you on Covid 19, But it has Provided a 92 paged Document for you to Read and Interpret and through your Teachers Implement. It will come to Inspect your Preparedness. It’s not going to Accept Questions because it has Asked you to Use Common Sense.

The Starting Point Is for the Principals to be the First ones to Admit that Covid 19 has been There, and even though it can get to their Schools it can be Prevented.

Then Sit Down with their Teams on Monday and ask them on how to Lock it Out of their Schools.

There Is a lot of Panic and Stress with many asking on how They Shall Implement the Protocols Especially on Social Distancing.

There Is No Need for Panic, the Reason the Government Is asking you to Use Common Sense Is because They know that even if you used your Field and Maize Farm for Teaching you Cannot keep the 1.5m Social Distancing.

The Government Is Therefore Putting much Effort on 4 things, Use of Masks, Sanitizing, Disinfecting Surfaces and Washing of Hands. However, Social Distancing Can be Observed during Meals, Assemblies etc.

With These in Mind the Question now Is Where do you start from on Monday? The First thing Is, Alone you will Not have All the Answers But you Must have Most of the Answers to be Able to Set the Pace.

We Therefore Expect that all Principals have Equipped themselves with Requisite Knowledge on what They are Expected to Brief their Teams on Monday. Don’t show up with Nothing, All Eyes Will be on you.

Recently we shared some Document Here and many Principals are using it to Induct their Teams.

On Top of the Document You Can do the Following on Monday


Form Different Departments, each Assigned a Particular Area to Focus On When Schools Open Moving forward.

Brief each Department of what Is Expected of them and let them Brainstorm to come up with Implementation Modules, then you Oversee the Implementation.

Departments Shall Include:


This Team:

  1. Will Ensure There are Enough areas for Registration Strictly Observing Social Distancing Rule.
  2. Get Bio Data of all Students.
  3. Ensure Students Are Tested Of their Temperature.
  4. Assemble Students for Briefing before Settling In School.
  5. Disinfect all Personal Belongings Getting To school.
  6. Where Possible Organize To Pick Students From Town.

All Grounds Men and Watchmen Shall Be Part of this Team.


This Team:

  1. Will Ensure all Dormitories are Disinfected Before Students Report.
  2. Do Marking In Line 1M Rule.
  3. Create More Space Like Multipurpose Halls For Accommodation.
  4. Develop Protocols for Meals.
  5. Plan on how Checking of Temperatures Shall Be Done on Daily Basis.
  6. Designate Movement Paths In And out of Dormitory Area.
  7. Designate Hand washing Centers In Boarding Section.


All Games and Break Times Shall Be Staggered In line with Keeping the Distancing Rule.

This Team Will.

  1. Develop Timetable for Games.
  2. Propose Indoors Games.
  3. Develop Routine for Disinfecting All Gaming Equipment.
  4. Designate Hand Washing Centers In the Field.

It’s a Fact that The Covid Pandemic has Hit Hard on Every Person.

This Team Will:

  1. Schedule Group Counseling Sessions for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Before Schools Reopen.
  2. Meet Students On Reporting Day For Counseling and Assurance that all Is Well.
  3. Carry out Periodic Counseling Programs To Alleviate any Panic of any kind.

This Department will Comprise of some Members of the Management, the school Nurse, Matron and Some Members Of The Boarding Department.

This team must be trained by Ministry of Health on Covid 19 Signs and Symptoms and Preventive Measures. Must be provided with Personal Protective Equipment.

This team will:

  1. Test Students upon Reporting.
  2. Ensure Temperatures Of All Teachers and Students are Taken on Daily Basis.
  3. Induct all Stakeholders on Covid 19 Protocols.
  4. Keep updated Bio Data of all Students.
  5. Ensure all Covid 19 Protocols in School are Followed to the Later.
  6. Liaise with Ministry Official for daily Updates By Ministry and Government on Covid 19.
  7. Make Referrals of Suspected Cases.

Remember Both Teachers and Students are Coming Back Empty.

The Core Purpose of School Being Learning, this Department Shall:

  1. Ascertain the Academic Standing of Students.
  2. Develop Timetables and Action Plans in Line with Ministry of Education Calendar.
  3. Roll out Innovative Academic Programs.
  4. Oversee the Marking of Classrooms in line with the 1.5m Rule.
  5. Ensure Full Curriculum Implementation.
  6. Prepare Examination Class For Exam Coming In April without Compromising On the Initially Set School Mean Target.
  7. Ensure Students and Staff Focus on Academics throughout the Term.

It’s Expected all Teachers to be on Duty all the Time. However, Those Designated to be on Duty Shall.

  1. Receive Students in School.
  2. Ensure Covid 19 Protocols are Observed all the Time.
  3. Ensure Students Observe the Timetable for Scattered Breaks and Mealtimes.
  4. Have Daily Briefing with Administration on the Covid Status in the School.

The Gatemen and Cooks will be on Duty Daily.

  1. Generate Daily Report on Covid Status.
    The Administration Will Include the Senior Management of the School and Executive Board.

This Team Will:

  1. Run Fundraising Activities and Provide Resources For the Implementation of the Protocols.

2.Oversee Training of all Stakeholders on Covid 19.

  1. Oversee Establishment of Departments.
  2. Carry out Daily Monitoring and Evaluation of the Implementation of Scheduled Activities.

All Prefects To Undergo Training On Covid 19 upon Reporting. They Shall Work with all Departments to Ensure full Implementation of the Set Protocols as well as Generating Daily Reports on the Happenings in their Classes.

They Shall Test all Students at all Scheduled Times and Record Temperatures of Each.

With all these Departments in place you are Good to go.

With All Departments In Place, the Coming Week Will see Each Team Putting In Place All Measures as per their Strategic Actions.

Champions Is working With a Number Of schools To Induct Them On These Protocols and As Per its core Mandate Put In Place The 2021 KCSE Academic Blueprint To Launch In Schools Upon Reporting.

Champions Is Available For Any Support You May Want On How To Induct Your Teams. We Will Be Edified If you Find Us Worth Speaking To Your Teachers, Physically and Through Zoom Meetings.

For Students Add your School On Our List Of Schools We shall Work with to best Position Their 2021 KCSE Class For The Best Results.

The Author Is the Founder and lead Trainer, Champions Leadership Institute, The Leading Academic Consulting Firm Running The A Program on Effective Management Of Examination Class.

To Speak To Paul:
Call/Text 0701541084.

Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.

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