By Peter Amunga

The ongoing country wide teachers recruitment is a turning out to be MISTREATMENT to the unemployed teachers. They are turning up in large numbers and have to wait for hours to be interviewed to fill a slot or two. All unemployed teachers were happy when the commission announced the online application because they thought that the commission was to shorlist only those who would have merited. But alas! All teachers were called for the interviews including those who graduated last year! They are competing for slots with those who graduated in 2009. The marking scheme is skewed in favour pf those who graduated early.

Worst of all, teachers were invited to other counties apart from their home counties. My question is, will you not favour your own? I know you only give 25% chances to non locals. Then you invite 100’s of teachers from all over the country yet you only need 15 or 20 teachers in your sub county…is this justice to a teacher who has travelled from Mombasa to Malaba then to Kitale and still going to Narok? And the end of the day this teacher is not going to be employed because he or she is locked out by the marking scheme? ! What a plight?

TSC should be considerate. Most of these teachers are not earning. Many are young and hopeful. If you must recruiit, do proper shortlisting!

Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! All the opportunities given will first fall in the hands of cartels. Already most of the vacancies have been given to powerful people and those who know who or who have what are the ones who will be smiling as the poor teacher who struggled to get that certificate will go home with nothing but debts to settle. TSC, why are you doing this to teachers?

Lastly, it was only logical that you shortlist the qualified teachers as per your computation and invite them to fill the employment forms in their sub counties. It is the only way to control the large crowds.


Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.

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