They promised laptops but now asking for leaning to be under trees.

They promised us internship programs, jobs, 10 digit growth economy, but now offering wheelbarrows.

They promised stadia for sports but are now employing youth to sweep trenches and cut grass for a little wage calling it Kazi mitaani

They jailed doctors, killed strong union voices yet had boasted of universal health coverage, free media, well paid workers. Today they cannot provide PPEs for protection or pay workers.

The best they can do is play PR games and make empty promises, and make long speeches

Kenyans are tired of these guys. Why lie. We are tired. 2021 should change our politics. The uhuruto type of politics must be shunned.


Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.

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