By Amunga Peter.

The Chebotoi Secondary School Principal, Mr. Leonard Baraza has been nabbed engaging in a sexual act with a Form 4 girl at his house in Kuresoi South, Nakuru County.

He was nabbed following a tip off from area RESIDENTS from the area.

The girl, who is said to be aged 21 years pending confirmation of her birth certificate details, told police that he came to the principal’s house after completing her KCPE paper on Wednesday evening.

The two were taken to Kiptagich Police Station before the girl was escorted to Kiptagich Health Centre where medical test confirmed that she had engaged in sexual intercourse with the teacher.

The girl was later allowed to go home in the company of her parents while the principal was detained at the police station until around 11pm when he was released on free bond as police await for the girl to present her birth certificate for further action.

Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.

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