By Amunga Akhanyalabandu.

The last one week, we have sustained a deep conversation on why Khwisero CONSTITUENCY despite spending hundreds of millions on Education, it still got a mean of D in the last #KCSE2020 exams.

Many of us who know what quality Education is all about have refused to celebrate the mediocre positive deviation.

The people of Khwisero must know, that colonialism never went with the white man. We get neocolonialists each and every day. During my A level class at St. Peter’s Mumias I did a literature book called Mashetani, where Julius Nyerere refers to the current colonialism as ukoloni mamboleo.

From the 48 Laws of power, there’s a law that advises the masters to keep the subjects depending on them. Make your subjects dependant. That way they cannot think on their own and will therefore never be a threat to the master.

You do so by annihilating potent empowerment structures. Education is such a structure.

Academic advancement is an eye opener and mental liberation. It is a precursor for economic advancement.

Quality Education therefore becomes a threat to the existence of such moribund precambrian leaderships.

That’s why, in many parts of Kenya, CDF and bursaries are used as a tools to keep a people in despondency and dependency, oblivious of the fact that the world is a global village.

What we see in Khwisero, where the limit for bursary fundings is to students in schools within the constituency. This becomes the stoic inability of those learners to be exposed and to break loose from a physical wall of concrete and aspire to break the ideological wall of idea variations and EXPOSURE.

All Amunga is saying is, BURSARIES and CDF is good. But to enjoy those benefits let our people not be dependant on handouts that come with limitations.

Khwisero CDF for schools must be free of politicking so that benefits are not just magnificent school buildings but also proletariat students who are well exposed. We must move away from the chains of D and E MATERIALS that sorround us. Let our bright students go out there and compete with the rest of KENYANS. Parents must also stop waiting for POLITICAL CLASS to parent their children. Parenting is a God given duty.


Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.



    KHWISERO NG-CDF has disbursed over *Shs 2.618m* in the 3rd Phase bursaries to *374 beneficiaries*. This comes after the 1st and 2nd Phase bursaries disbursement to tertiary students in April and September 2020 respectively.

    The beneficiaries are as follows;

    1. Brayan Mulelwa- Africa Nazarene University-Ksh7,000.00
    2. Brian Okunda-Africa Nazarene University-Ksh7,000.00
    3. Henry Akhamala-Africa Nazarene University-Ksh7,000.00
    4. Matilda Anguzuzu- Africa Nazarene University- Ksh7,000.00
    5. Winnie Yvonne Oyala-Africa Nazarene University-Ksh7,000.00
    6. Maureen Odongo-African Institute Of Health And Development-Ksh7,000.00
    7. Anne Vuding’a-African Institute Of Research & Development Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    8. Holder Nyakowa Lukale-African Institute Of Research & Development Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    9. Timothy Wanyonyi-African Nazarine University-Ksh7,000.00
    10. Anyanzwa Ainea Opembe-Ahiti Kabete-College-Ksh7,000.00
    11. Ketrine Okunda Otwoma-Apex Institute Of Management Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    12. Nabwire Hyren Omungala-Asumbi Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    13. Judith Anindo Muyeka-Baraka Agricultural College-Ksh7,000.00
    14. Janet Jepkoskei Korir-Baraton College-Ksh7,000.00
    15. Magret Ambiyo-Beam International Training Centre-Ksh7,000.00
    16. Kavinguha Christine-Bukesa Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    17. Stephen Omumia Nandi-Bukura Agricultural College-Ksh7,000.00
    18. Brian Okutoyi Mutwasi-Bushiangala Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    19. Diana Leah Omunyala-Bushiangala Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    20. Elvis Imbeywa-Bushiangala Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    21. Charly Omung’ala-Busia Township Vocational Training Centre-Ksh7,000.00
    22. Grace Florence Omuka-Busia Township Vocational Training Centre-Ksh7,000.00
    23. Ignatius Luyo-Butere County Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    24. Dorcas Amukowa-Butere Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    25. Ombunga Mercylne Nandwa-Butere Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    26. Akhonya Kolvin Ayoti-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    27. Anna Anyango Ondunga-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    28. David Otieno Musa-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    29. Hezron Omumia Omusula-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    30. Joseph Andako-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    31. Michael Ochola Atieli-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    32. Shadrack Makhonja Aneha-Butere Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    33. Amenya Rolland Lesley-Catholic University Of East Africa-Ksh7,000.00
    34. Duda Peter Demba-Catholic University Of East Africa-Ksh7,000.00
    35. Jane Maloba-Catholic University Of East Africa-Ksh7,000.00
    36. Bramwel Ndunyi Wesonga-Chuka Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    37. Chlophuric Amulavu Iravonga-Chuka University-Ksh7,000.00
    38. Christine Okelo-Chuka University-Ksh7,000.00
    39. Denis Joseph Omolo-Chuka University-Ksh7,000.00
    40. Dennis Olumula Litoro-Chuka Universit-Ksh7,000.00
    41. Sophia Alosah Omutoko-Covenant Bible College & Seminary- Chavakali Campus-Ksh7,000.00
    42. Pius Nandwa-Dedan Kimathi University Of Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    43. Alimlim Chemgem Julie-East Africa Institute Of Certified Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    44. Jackline Omuronji-East Africa Institute Of Certified Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    45. Valary Norah Ekibeti-East Africa Institute Of Certified Studies-Ksh7,000.00
    46. Charles Etemesi-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    47. Edgar Eric Alera-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    48. Ian Ifedha Vulimu-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    49. Marvin Amakobe Amwayi-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    50. Mukhwana Maurice Mutikho-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    51. Tonny Elias Ambula-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    52. Valary Ayuma-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    53. Winfred Ayila-Egerton University-Ksh7,000.00
    54. Bariton Omusinde-Eldoret Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    55. Cecilia Atieno-Eldoret Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    56. Donald Ndakala-Eldoret Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    57. Eliza Frida Mukhwana-Eldoret Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    58. Michael Abuti-Eldoret Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    59. Josephine Shivoli Ndeda-Eldoret Tourism And Professional College-Ksh7,000.00
    60. Millecent Melab Anyika-Endebess Technical Training Institut-Ksh7,000.00
    61. Bonface Otwero Andayi-Eshiabwali County Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    62. Joshua Atsali -E-Smart College Mumias-Ksh7,000.00
    63. Rose Asami-E-Smart College Mumias-Ksh7,000.00
    64. Merab Ateka Aura-Fafa Medical Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    65. Cifros Wera Malika-Friends College Kaimosi-Ksh7,000.00
    66. Donald Osakho-Friends College Kaimosi-Ksh7,000.00
    67. Noami Chibole-Friends College Kaimosi-Ksh7,000.00
    68. Truphosa Achungo Abuti-Friends College Kaimosi-Ksh7,000.00
    69. Otwoma Lucas Oketch-Grams Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    70. Havil Kisienya Ikhooli-International Teachers Training Coolege-Ksh7,000.00
    71. Josephine Eshiwani-International Teaching And Training Centre-Ksh7,000.00
    72. Ambululi Osore Josephat-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    73. Barasa Brian Shiundu-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    74. Benson K Rop- Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    75. Brian Eshihunwa-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    76. Elizabeth Shitandi-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    77. Erickson Omukuyia-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    78. Mourine Nyangweso Oponyo-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    79. Okutoyi Mildred Omusebe-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    80. Purity Opere Nyawanga-Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    81. Dolly Shivachi-Jerusa Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    82. Andeso Jackline-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    83. Bonface Nyangweso-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    84. Brian Okutoyi Obulakaya-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    85. Dominic Makondo-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    86. James Khabayi-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    87. Oronje David Otenyo-Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    88. Anne Khatenje-Kabarak University- Ksh7,000.00
    89. Atsewa L John Kanga -Kabarak University-Ksh7,000.00
    90. Belinda Achieng’ Odongo-Kabarak University-Ksh7,000.00
    91. Khaindi Christabel Wangila-Kabarak University-Ksh7,000.00
    92. Jeff Akalongo-Kabete National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    93. Melickisadeck Akatu -Kaimosi Friends University College-Ksh7,000.00
    94. Sammy Wekesa Juma -Kaimosi Friends University College-Ksh7,000.00
    95. Amukhoye Sheila Were-Karatina University-Ksh7,000.00
    96. Benedict Omusi Ndobole-Karatina University-Ksh7,000.00
    97. Eugine Amwayi-Karatina University-Ksh7,000.00
    98. Clement Shikanda-Kca University-Ksh7,000.00
    99. Josephine Manyasi -Kca University-Ksh7,000.00
    100. Oliver Makomere-Kca University-Ksh7,000.00
    101. Simon Amukhoye-Kca University-Ksh7,000.00
    102. Violet Mueni-Kca University-Ksh7,000.00
    103. Sharon Sellah Nyangweso-Kenya Institute Of Applied Sciences-Ksh7,000.00
    104. Gregory Rodson Omutiko-Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    105. Sheldon Osuka-Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    106. Habbakuk Ayuku Arama-Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    107. Javan Osundwa Okunyanyi-Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    108. Eric Houl Omuka-Kenya Institute Of Management-Ksh7,000.00
    109. Norah Okaya Omutiti-Kenya Institute Of Management-Eldoret- Ksh7,000.00
    110. Mary Nzisa Stephen-Kenya Institute Of Social Work-Ksh7,000.00
    111. Peter Makomere -Kenya Instutute Of Applied Science-Ksh7,000.00
    112. Caroline Mbanda-Kenya Medical Taining College –Rachuonyo-Ksh7,000.00
    113. Sharon Were-Kenya Medical Taining College –Rachuonyo-Ksh7,000.00
    114. Jackline Oketch-Kenya Medical Training College – Bondo-Ksh7,000.00
    115. Jonathan Okutoyi-Kenya Medical Training College- Bomet-Ksh7,000.00
    116. Elizabeth Patriciah Ayuma-Kenya Medical Training College- Makueni-Ksh7,000.00
    117. Claire Rodha- Kenya Medical Training College-Kakamega-Ksh7,000.00
    118. Jackline Hellen Machika-Kenya Medical Training College-Kakamega -Ksh7,000.00
    119. Khasungu Dorice-Kenya Medical Training College-Kakamega-Ksh7,000.00
    120. Elizabeth Cherop -Kenya Medical Training College-Kitale-Ksh7,000.00
    121. Evans Fredrick Lubanga-Kenya Medical Training College-Kuria -Ksh7,000.00
    122. Florence Khaukwa Suchi-Kenya Medical Training College-Kuria-Ksh7,000.00
    123. Margret Odari Ingutia-Kenya Medical Training College-Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    124. Mariko Ndete Musula-Kenya Medical Training College-Mosoriot-Ksh7,000.00
    125. Brenda Akolo Andere-Kenya Medical Training College-Mwingi -Ksh7,000.00
    126. Albright Luseka Okeno-Kenya Medical Training College-Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    127. Ali Polizia Bugusta-Kenya Medical Training College-Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    128. Skylet Muteshi-Kenya Medical Training College-Nyahururu-Ksh7,000.00
    129. Edith Wanjiro Andayi-Kenya Medical Training College-Nyandarua- Ksh7,000.00
    130. Fredrick Ramura Otieno-Kenya Medical Training College-Siaya-Ksh7,000.00
    131. Israel Ondolo-Kenya Methodist University-Ksh7,000.00
    132. Kombanira Timothy Amunga-Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    133. Alex Mahugi-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    134. Alfred Oyiko-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    135. Amariati Melance Hilda-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    136. Brian Oluleka -Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    137. Carolyne Akinyi Likoye-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    138. Cedrick Nengane-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    139. Collins Amira Ambani-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    140. Grace Mbaye Lisubil- Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    141. James Namayi Omukubi-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    142. Kathleen Ayuma Abuli-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    143. Kelvin Busuku-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    144. Kevin Aswa Eshihuma-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    145. Okello James Andanje-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    146. Ongaya Henry Opopa-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    147. Phil Adams-Kenyatta University-Ksh7,000.00
    148. Shayne Orange Juma -Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College- -Ksh7,000.00
    149. Beatrice Olukaka-Kibabii University -Ksh7,000.00
    150. Bytone Ochanda-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    151. Denis Omumi- Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    152. Derick Oyengo-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    153. Fredrick Oketi -Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    154. Hestone Lumumba Okwako-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    155. Ian Olucho-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    156. Joseph Obwamu Sumba-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    157. Meraab Oyiela-Kibabii University-Ksh7,000.00
    158. Phaustine Ayako Chapia-Kibabii University -Ksh7,000.00
    159. Lucy Kuta Omulando-Kima International School Of Theology-Ksh7,000.00
    160. Mercy Ongayo-Kima International School Of Theolog- Ksh7,000.00
    161. Douglas Ongaya Aseka-Kips Technical College-Ksh7,000.00
    162. Victor Ambundo-Kips Technical College-Ksh7,000.00
    163. Sheila Mmbone-Kirinyaga University-Ksh7,000.00
    164. Shamim Ngesa-Kiriri Womens University-Ksh7,000.00
    165. Anene Dennis Esala-Kisii Universit- Ksh7,000.00
    166. Anne Akinyi-Kisii University-Ksh7,000.00
    167. Brian Amboye Akhonya-Kisii University-Ksh7,000.00
    168. Erick Luchemo-Kisii University-Ksh7,000.00
    169. Milka Nechesa Shivachi-Kisiwa Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    170. Lubanga Michael Anyangu-Kisiwa Technical Training Institute -Ksh7,000.00
    171. Eyalira Bravin Oduol-Kisumu National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    172. Lawrence Musita-Kisumu National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    173. Naphtal Lawrence Mukoya-Kisumu National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    174. Sydney Anakuta Kwameh-Kisumu National Polytechnic- Ksh7,000.00
    175. Agneta Kochwa-Kitale National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    176. Leah Wekesa Nanjala-Kitale National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    177. Abigael Irene Nyangasi-Lakehub Academy Ltd-Ksh7,000.00
    178. Sherry Oside-Luanda Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    179. Truphena Asiko Otima-Luanda Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    180. Sharon Atieno Omulindi-Lukenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    181. Prexcides Isichi Bakhoya-Maasai Mara University-Ksh7,000.00
    182. Allan Mukanda Juma-Machakos University-Ksh7,000.00
    183. Stacy Kanguha-Machakos University-Ksh7,000.00
    184. Alfred Otuya Oyamo-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    185. Davilin Kerubo Onsindu-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    186. Denis Mwinami-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    187. John Eshiwani Mumachi-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    188. Lucy Angulu-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    189. Luke Omuse-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    190. Megan Adhiambo Otieno-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    191. Monicah Owuoth-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    192. Omurai Stephen-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    193. Seka Derrick Okwaro-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    194. Shikanda Faraja-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    195. Willis Ndeda Oloo-Maseno University-Ksh7,000.00
    196. Achual Kevin-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    197. Aickey Mkapa Maina-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    198. Baraka Keyraya Avulwi-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    199. Bravington Ogutu-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    200. Franciscah Ombindi Anyangu-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    201. Harriet Nandwa Anyange Shumwe-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    202. Ibrahim Angote-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    203. James Onyango Ambayo-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    204. Jeremiah Makhotsa Anzaya-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    205. Joan Amboka Anyango-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    206. John Okanga-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    207. Lewis Omusula Ambani-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    208. Majorie Asambo Omurunga-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    209. Mary Khamala-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    210. Morrison Maliga Okunda-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    211. Munde Faith Nelly-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    212. Peter Olunga Indangasi-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    213. Zadock Omuroka Ouko-Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    214. Edward Angani Obundu-Meru University Of Science & Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    215. Likhabila Alvin Muyia-Meru University Of Science & Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    216. Mulwale Dorothy Elizabeth-Meru University Of Science & Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    217. Lynet Ombiyo-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    218. Mercy Kanyiva Wanyonyi-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    219. Robert Eshiuchi Esula-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    220. Ayiro Kevin Omolo-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    221. Carolyne Sande-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    222. Dorine Akola Libuku-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    223. Edwin Amukhale-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    224. Hesbon Aswani Okwaro-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    225. Ibrahim Ochieng-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    226. Joash Simi Kabete-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    227. Maximila Makale-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    228. Oketch Susan Auma-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    229. Quinter Salome Saisi-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    230. Sheyila Feligona Juma-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    231. Sikolia Cynthia-Moi University-Ksh7,000.00
    232. Mwikhazi Andabwa Ezekiel-Mosoriot Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    233. Indeche Jackson Omuka-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    234. Jacob Kiplimo-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    235. Johnson Atulo Okango-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    236. Nandwa Pauline Awinja-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    237. Patrick Okwomi Maina-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    238. Sembo Evelyne-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    239. Stancelous Onyango Otieno-Mount Kenya University-Ksh7,000.00
    240. Rickson Joseph Omolo-Multimedia University Of Kenya-Ksh7,000.00
    241. Dorice Ongachi Okalo-Mumias Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    242. Joyce Nyakoa-Mumias Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    243. Vivian Ngola Shirumba-Mumias Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    244. Delphine Atema-Muranga University Of Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    245. Flora Akhachalwa-Muranga University Of Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    246. Mwakha Eugene Odalo-Murang’a University Of Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    247. Phanice Sophia-Mwea Apex College-Ksh7,000.00
    248. Priscila Matendechere-Oasis Ecde Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    249. Francis Kataka Omukuba-Pentecostal Bible College Nyangori-Ksh7,000.00
    250. Walter Omukuyia Angoye-Pioneer International University-Ksh7,000.00
    251. Martin Ambetsa-Presbyterian Teachers Training College-Rubate-Ksh7,000.00
    252. Mucheni Jukius Jesse -Presbyterian University Of East Africa-Ksh7,000.00
    253. Enie Happy Odundo-Pwani University-Ksh7,000.00
    254. Hezron Odenyo Omwakwe-Pwani University-Ksh7,000.00
    255. Samwel Omachi Alwora-Pwani University-Ksh7,000.00
    256. Zebedi Sanchez Oliang’a-Pwani University-Ksh7,000.00
    257. Zedrick Okoko-Pwani University-Ksh7,000.00
    258. Collins Mulusa-Railway Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    259. Reagan Walter Arodi-Railway Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    260. Adhiambo Immaculate Osoo-Ramogi Institute Of Advanced Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    261. Sarah Adhiambo Ominde-Rift Valley Institute Of Science And Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    262. Danielle Malenya-Riftvalley Technical Training-Ksh7,000.00
    263. Sharon Akendo-Rongai Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    264. Mercy Obulumbi-Rongo University-Ksh7,000.00
    265. Roselyne Shiboka-Rongo University College-Ksh7,000.00
    266. Sharon Ostieno-Rongo University College-Ksh7,000.00
    267. Alice Musita-Sang`Alo Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    268. Celestine Mukabane-Sang`Alo Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    269. Sharon Khakasa-Sang`Alo Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    270. Amukhula O Dianah-Sang’alo Institute Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    271. Indeche Rael Namule-Sang’alo Institute Of Science And Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    272. Julie Endieka-Sang’alo Institute Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    273. Wendy Achieng-Sang’alo Institute Of Science And Technology-Ksh7,000.00
    274. Denis Akaliche-Scott Christian University-Ksh7,000.00
    275. Samuel Aswani Okwako-Siaya Insititute Of Science And Technology -Ksh7,000.00
    276. Givan Matayia Munyenya-Sikri Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    277. Janet Alingo-St. Augustine Eregi Teachers’ Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    278. Lumbasi Omina Judith-St. Augustine Eregi Teachers’ Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    279. Mildred Etemesi-St. Augustine Eregi Teachers’ Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    280. Betty Rehema Namalwa-St. Brendan Technical Training Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    281. Beverly Khayali-St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College-Ksh7,000.00
    282. Centrine Amadi Abuyeka-St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College- Ksh7,000.00
    283. Bracks Nanzala-St. Michael’s Trinity Ecde Teachers College- Eregi Ksh7,000.00
    284. Fredrick Lutta-St. Michael’s Trinity Ecde Teachers College- Eregi -Ksh7,000.00
    285. Kochwa O. Lincolin-St. Paul University Limuru-Ksh7,000.00
    286. Moureen Musimbi Nyapela-St.Teresa’s Musoli County Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    287. Miriam Mukolwe-Sunrise Teachers Training College- Athi River Ksh7,000.00
    288. Rispah Amati Anyanzwa-Sunrise Teachers Training College- Athi River Ksh7,000.00
    289. Francis Bravon Madiro-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    290. George Okutoyi-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    291. Kennedy Okutoyi Nacheri-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    292. Maurine Anyangu Maundu-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    293. Omondi Luther-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    294. Patricia Akumu-Technical University Of Mombasa-Ksh7,000.00
    295. Kelly Eastus Unyuso-Tharaka Nithi University-Ksh7,000.00
    296. Anjeline Akhabere-The Catholic University Of Eastern Africa -Ksh7,000.00
    297. Kennedy Wilson Ondunga-The East African University-Ksh7,000.00
    298. Adety Flevian-The Eldoret National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    299. Eugene Handa-The Eldoret National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    300. John Amunga-The Eldoret National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    301. Mercy Ayub-The Eldoret National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    302. Rachael Wendi-The Eldoret National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    303. Abuko Faith Apilo-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    304. Akhabetsa Berryl Odwoli-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    305. Alukome Silvester Achelo-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    306. Angatia Janet-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    307. Brackcides Saya Shikhule-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    308. Buitah Khwasi Mulwale-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    309. Catherine Nyaranga-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    310. Christine Amati-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    311. Christine Nyarotso Oluseno-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    312. David Opembe Eshibukho-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    313. Denis Omutsosi Odero-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    314. Ezina Vigetsi Sharon-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    315. Fredrick Okiya Amukhobe-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    316. Godline Anene Saisi-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    317. Godrfey Aseka -The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    318. Jairus Nandwa Ambinda-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    319. Maria Akhonya-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    320. Mildred Ngesa Odoro-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    321. Nickson Akhayere-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    322. Okumu Maxwel Ojwang-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    323. Omukunda Eldah Savai-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    324. Paul Okumbe-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    325. Pauline Okiya-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    326. Phanice Makokha Moyi-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    327. Sharon Khakori-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    328. Terence Munayi-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    329. Valary Amwayi-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    330. Vincent Emisiko-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    331. Wiro Donbosco Oduor-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    332. Wycliffe Mathews Amukowa-The Sigalagala National Polytechnic-Ksh7,000.00
    333. Jane Akola-Thika School Of Medical And Health Sciences-Ksh7,000.00
    334. Juliet Ayieta Ambiyo-Thika Technical Institute-Ksh7,000.00
    335. Kevin Ombwara Shikuku-Tom Mboya University College-Ksh7,000.00
    336. Fabish Rainhard Ongiyo-Ugunja Technical And Vocational College-Ksh7,000.00
    337. Robert Mang`Ale-United States International University Of Africa-Ksh7,000.00
    338. Mayimba Bruce Kandila-University Of Eastern Africa Baraton-Ksh7,000.00
    339. Twaylor Were Achando-University Of Eastern Africa Baraton-Ksh7,000.00
    340. Ezekiel Amuko-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    341. Jacob Akasima Onzayi-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    342. Javan Ondunga-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    343. Kennedy Akhonya-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    344. Nandwa Solomon Alukwe-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    345. Roselyne Angatia Yeye-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    346. Sharon Akhobosa-University Of Eldoret-Ksh7,000.00
    347. Hashim Andabwa Omunyolo-University Of Embu-Ksh7,000.00
    348. Patrick Andunga Alucheri-University Of Embu-Ksh7,000.00
    349. Victor Nyaluona -University Of Embu-Ksh7,000.00
    350. Retdon George Otiende-University Of Kabianga-Ksh7,000.00
    351. Sharon Ateka-University Of Kabianga-Ksh7,000.00
    352. Anne Awimbo-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    353. Edmunds Shiundu -University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    354. Elisham Ombonya Salim-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    355. Florah Achote-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    356. Grace Awinja Abineri-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    357. Ian Malcon Lumumba-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    358. Jamleck Okutoto-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    359. Josephine Osinde Ayub-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    360. Liyosi Rispa-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    361. Pauline Omuchele Illisa-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    362. Ruth Olesi-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    363. Tonny Lomaniko-University Of Nairobi-Ksh7,000.00
    364. Denice Shikanda Ominde-Uzima University College-Ksh7,000.00
    365. Emmanuel Mbinji-Uzima University College-Ksh7,000.00
    366. Estone Osale Inzoberi -Uzima University College-Ksh7,000.00
    367. Maina Robert-Uzima University College-Ksh7,000.00
    368. Joan Ondiso-Vera Beauty College-Ksh7,000.00
    369. Tracy Ominde-Vera Technical Training School-Ksh7,000.00
    370. Brian Katiechi Anangwe-Zetech University-Ksh7,000.00
    371. Ezekiel O Agumbi-Zetech University-Ksh7,000.00
    372. Kelvin Abuyeka-Zetech University-Ksh7,000.00
    373. Lawrence Lumula Mulindi-Zetech University-Ksh7,000.00
    374. Rechol Sedelah Ambundo-Zetech University-Ksh7,000.00


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