By Amunga Peter

Musalia Mudavadi has stepped up his charm offensive of the vote-rich Mt. Kenya region where Deputy President William Ruto had enjoyed unparalleled support. But what is coming out clearly is that the region that has been leaning towards Ruto has been doing it in protest.

Yes in protest because they feel their leader Uhuru Kenyatta has been too close to a man they loathe and love to hate. Raila Odinga. Their fake love with Ruto is simply as a fall back measure for the assumption that president Uhuru Kenyatta is uncomfortably close to Raila Odinga. The Kikuyu clearly will not ever support Raila. They are hunting for a person they can trust.
Today, Musalia Mudavadi met Kirinyaga Governor Anne waiguru at his private offices of Amani Center.

The visit by Waiguru speaks volumes. It is a pointer towards Mudavadi. The Mountain sees in Mudavadi what Kibaki was. A humble, economist whose main ambition is to turn the Kenyan economy round. The region is a fertile hunting ground for votes ahead of the 2022 polls and one must clearly show the region what he is bringing on the table before they support the person. You cannot win the presidency without the support of Mt Kenya. Musalia is provong to be the man for central.

After the visit to Mudavadi center Anne tweeted as follows.
Our nation will be built through consensus not divisions. Its always an honor to consult with other leaders. In my courtesy call to Hon @MusaliaMudavadi this morning, we deliberated on National Unity, the Economy, healthcare & women Inclusivity in national leadership.”
Mudavadi on his part tweeted, I was honoured to host Kirinyaga County Governor H.E
@AnneWaiguru at the Musalia Mudavadi Centre today. Our discussion covered a wide range of issues of National Importance ranging from economy, security, agriculture, health care, education and good governance.

Mudavadi has continued to hold a series of meetings with Mt. Kenya leaders, raising speculation over his political game plan in the succession race of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking in Murang’a Saturday after meeting a section of political leaders from the region, Mudavadi said for one to win the presidential vote he has to get support from almost every part of the country.
The ANC party leader underscored the need to have a vision for the nation, which would propel the economy, promote unity, enhance national security and enable creation of jobs for millions of young people.
“I am seeking the mandate of Kenyan people to lead them through a democratic process and I will be engaging many more communities and rally them towards a common vision as on Kenya,” he said.
The former vice president added that there must be a common thread to unite Kenyans towards growing the economy of the nation.
“We must have critical issues binding us so that as 47 counties we may share a common vision. This will only be achieved through a well-structured national discourse aimed at capturing aspirations of the majority of Kenyans,” said the ANC leader.
The 60-year-old Musalia has always backed President Kenyatta’s proposal of having a rotational presidency.
Mudavadi is the candidate. A candidate that Mt. Kenya region can front in the forthcoming General Elections in honour of rotational presidency. The visit by Anne Waiguru the most powerful female politician in the MT region is showing the Kikuyu region signs that Musalia Mudavadi is their safest bet.


Published by MWALIMU Amunga Akhanyalabandu

Passionate about Advocacy on the REAWAKENING teachers in Kenya and reporting on the MULEMBE Nation. Having worked at the Kenya National Union OF TEACHERS in the advocacy department, I will be able to detail and explain about the welfare of teachers and their point of view on socio economic and political matters. Luhyia are the 2nd most populous ethnic group in Kenya. They are blessed with great land, topography, climate, resources and human Resource. We are also keen on Luhya Renaissance is about making the Mulembe People aware of their blessings, appreciating those blessings, defending them and putting them to proper use for the current and future generations.

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