As I write this it is 2Am. I am insecure. Last night at such a time,down the road, thugs killed 5 watchmen at a school.

Kakamega town, which is home to many of is Luhya NATION and the only town that I have deeply invested my soul and substance is insecure. People getting killed, robbed, mugged etc.

The level of insecurity in Kakamega town and it’s surroundings its of a big concern at the moment yet Our men in uniforms are busy harassing residents and solicisting 50 notes from innocent mama mbogas and hustlers in the name of masks .

We are tired of waking up with bad news every morning. We have lost enough hardworking men and eomen.Where are our leaders . I would wish everyone to confirm if your estate is safe here starting from Joyland,Amalemba,juakali,kefinco,Sichirari,Maraba Etc , confirm by declaring your state of security!


If the government has FAILED to protect us in Kakamega, then it is time to think of vigilantes. It is time to think of Angola Msumbiji to patrol the way they used to do in the 70s.



By Amunga Peter

Over 5000 staff work for the judiciary. It is present in every of the 47 counties. It requires court buildings & other infrastructure.

Parliament has less than 1000 staff, all in Nairobi.

Judiciary budget? 17b. Bunge budget? 37b.

The NEXT govt in Kenya must rise above these REVIST nonsense of UhuruRuto on the Judiciary. Kenya needs a PRESIDENT who can rise above personal vendetta and revange. Kenya needs a Kibaki moment. An moment of ECONOMIC growth, not petty revangeful kidish stuff.



By AmungaPeter

we can buy Mumias Sugar co. and also be proud like GEMA nation is proud of Equity bank.

1/ We can raise 5B easily by floating shares for Mulembe pple to own the company. Proof of your ID to buy shares.
2/ 50,000 pple each buying 100,000/ equals 5B. So there is no big deal. We can raise this money easily.
3/ Put it this way to make share purchase to be flexible and affordable to many…..min 20k, max 10m. Why we need to cap max is to avoid few pple with heavy pockets taking control.
4/ Western province alone if we market the sugar products to be consumed by Mulembe nation……”nyua isukari ya Mumias…khusia abaluyia”….Mumias will be very profitable by only local consumption…before even we start exporting to nrb, coast, north etc




KENYA’S ECONOMY was build on SUPPORT from govt to small scale traders and farmers.

It was build on saving in cooperatives, Saccos and harambee initiatives. These pillars of our economy have been taken away by current govt and only the big boys who have connections allowed to operate with ease.

I will prove this.

For starters, the budget being read this week has nothing for the small scale farmer or business person. The bodaboda, mama mboga, kinyozi etc are losers in this budget.

It is a budget meant to protect the big players and make them suffocate the smaller players by imposing impossible taxes. Interestingly, even the worst hit will be the so called middle class; majority of whom in Kenya live on loans ie FULIZA and those loans will attract higher taxes.

In a small-scale economy households make different choices from those in an economy of salaried employees and large organizations. The family will seek stability in polyergy: in having varied sources of income, as many as it can find and appropriate.

How many Kenyans do we know who have a side hustle? Banker by day, butchery/hair salon owner by side….

Even during the times when KENYANS were treated to stories of ECONOMIC growth – it’s was a false growth, barely any trickle-down (hence need for PR firms in media to hype false growth)

And wonder why we don’t hear of enough success stories from Kenyan entrepreneurs – very few can tell the story of how they got from A to point Z without some murky stories or connections in the middle – usually related to Jubilee government connections or at minimum great skill at navigating the political rent space.

Try pitching your open source solution to a government official, unlikely to move anywhere because no fat budget will be attached.

Business strategy: if businesses can make high profits from government contracts or from other privileges, they will invest more to gain the privileges than to become competitive in an open market. Over time this distorts their whole mode of operation: a good salesman is one who can build personal relationships with bureaucrats, a good engineer is one who can draw out a project to make it more expensive. It is rare for a state-dependent enterprise to be also competitive. This was true for the big so-called ‘national suppliers’, as well as for the small I.T. companies, in which many bright engineers wasted their youth working on useless R&D projects funded by EU Programmes.

It is called corruption. That is what our govt has thrived in and has killed the economic growth.

And finally, I think this captures the essence of why I think it is – generally – tough to transition big/large scale companies successfully in Kenya and to translate the innovation that we see all around into tangible (profitable) businessess – we work hard, but are loathe to collaborate, because someone inevitably stabs you in the back and there is no penalty – legal or social (as in they’ll be catching pints next to you in the bar a week later as if nothing happened). So most of that innovation and entrepreneurship bubbling around either doesn’t transcend the individual or the small scale – you cannot grow in an environment that lacks trust and justice.


This is the final budget in Kenya before our economy crushes. We have no bussiness, no productivity, no inspiration to produce, no justice… All these are a combination to kill our economy.




Fallen giants plot political comeback – They conquered, lost and want back in: Former governors, who failed to recapture their coveted positions after serving only one term, have been watching the rivals who ousted them from a distance and have began assembling their arsenal for the next general elections in what is expected to be a bruising battle in some 25 counties.

Why Yatani’s Sh3.6trn budget will be a tough balancing act-Unless Parliament amends the Finance Bill, from next month, Kenyans should brace themselves for hikes in prices of bread, motorcycles, imported jewellery, betting and nicotine pouches.

Send fees defaulters home, Magoha tells headteachers – There will be no more free schooling for learners with fee balances, Education Secretary George Magoha directed yesterday.


‘This is my defence’ – ODM leader breaks silence on the mega projects launched by Uhuru in his backyard, saying they are for the benefit of the whole country and not a favour to Nyanza region.

Ruto allies dare Uhuru over controversial dams – Rift Valley leaders allied to Deputy president William Ruto yesterday demanded that president Uhuru Kenyatta orders resumption of works on the sh120 billion dams.

Pressure piles on president to appoint six nominees he left out – pressure continues to amount on president Uhuru Kenyatta to either appoint the six judges he left out or to table the evidence against them.


Public debt grew by sh1.06 trillion during corona year – The government has borrowed sh1.06 trillion during the corona virus period to push the country’s public debt to sh7.34 trillion. The latest budget implementation review report by controller of Budget Margret Nyakang’o also shows the government borrowed an average of sh2.89 billion every day or sh88.33 billion per month in the past 12 months.

Hospitals rush to prepare for new Covid wave in July – public and private health facilities are quietly stocking up in preparation for a major surge in Covd-19 cases next month.

Expectations mixed ahead of Yatani’s budget speech – All eyes are on the National Treasury, as it puts the final touches on the 2021/2022 financial year’s budget to be presented to the Nation on Thursday.


Kisumu on alert as Uganda locked down – Kisumu county has introduced new stringent measures to curb further spread of corona virus amid fears of rising infections.

NHIF on the spot over dead officers’ payout – The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is on the spot for failing to compensate families of 300 deceased police officers and prison warders.

Senators give Assemblies Sh2.4b more – All county Assemblies will get an additional Sh2.4 billion to clear pending bills and meet Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s (SRC) circulars on salary increments and promotion of staff.


By Amunga Akhanyalabandu.

News that Kakamega Governor, Wycliffe Oparanya is playing cat and mouse with his presidential bid has proved that he is a coward. He is not fit to lead. He is taking us back to dark ages as Luhyas where we have always supported a loser in the name of Odinga who uses our votes as Luhya NATION to bargain and cut deals for himselefu, his family, friends and some Luos.

Oparanya saying that he is willing to shelve his 2022 presidential ambition if ODM leader Raila Odinga is a scum. Is an abuse. It is a SLAP ON OUR FACES.

Speaking on Monday when he appeared on TV47, the governor said “If my party leader stands, I’d rather go for another post instead of opposing him. We have worked together with Raila since 2005,”


Oparanya is wasting time. For the Luhya NATION. There is no turning back. We have a candidate, who is acceptable nationwide and GLOBALLY


Oparanya can now serve Raila Odinga in another capacity like houseboy or something else. We will not follow him there.



  1. Leadership is an Asset when it is people-centred,but a Liability when it is ego-centric.
  2. The Greatest Act of Leadership Is mentoring.
  3. If what you learn, achieve, accumulate or accomplish dies with you then you are a generational failure.
  4. Mentoring is the manifestation of the highest level of personal maturity, security and self confidence.
  5. An insecure person will never train people. He will oppress people.
  6. Mature people create people greater than themselves.
  7. Your assignment has a shelf life.
  8. You will die one day; so train your replacement.
  9. Your greatest gift to the world is your Mentee.
  10. True leaders do not seek followers. Followers are attracted to true Leaders.
  11. The Greatest obligation of true leadership is to transfer your deposit to the next generation.
  12. Leadership success is measured by the success of their Successors.
  13. No matter how great you may have been, if you didn’t produce a Successor, you are a failure.
  14. You preserve what you built through mentorship.
  15. Legacy is about preserving all that you’ve built by raising other people.
  16. Success without a Successor is failure.
  17. Leadership that serves only its Generation is destined to failure.
  18. If your vision dies with you, you have failed.
  19. Legacy is about living beyond your grave.
  20. Leadership Is not a sprint but a relay.
  21. The most important part of a relay is to successfully pass the baton on, not running.
  22. The ultimate goal and measure of true leadership is not to maintain Followers but to produce Leaders.
  23. True leadership measures its success by the diminishing dependency factor of its Followers.
  24. The ultimate measure of leadership is the ability to delegate tasks but not responsibilities.
  25. True leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary.
  26. You are a successful leader when your Followers can lead Others.
  27. Your goal as a Leader is to destroy the dependency of the people around you.
  28. You are a great Leader when your people don’t need you.
  29. Make people greater than you and you will live forever.
  30. True Leaders do not seek power; they rather seek to empower Others. 31.Never confuse your position with your value.
  31. The first act of a true leader is identifying your Replacement and you begin to mentor them.
  32. You become great by producing people greater than yourself.
  33. When you produce Someone greater than yourself, don’t get jealous.
  34. When you train your Replacement, you are free to expand your work.
  35. When you mentor people, your legacy will make your Tombstone unnecessary. Mentor someone today before you retire tomorrow.




Row over ‘scheme’ to delay 2022 polls – Proponents of the Building Bridges Initiatives insist that a referendum must be held before the country goes to the elections, but politicians allied to Deputy president William Ruto see this as a ploy to extend the life of parliament, and vow to resist it.

Nyanza feels Covid-19 heat as counties send workers home – Three county governments in Nyanza have advised non-essential staff to work from home amid a steady surge in Covid-19 infections.

Amisom to probe claims that KDF soldiers killed civilians in Shabaab raid – The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) says it will investigate claims that the Kenya Defence Forces killed civilians in Gedo during an aerial raid on al-Shabaab last week.


American billionaire to fund Ruto 2022 bid – American billionaire famous for backing regime change across the globe, George Soros, has reportedly thrown his weight behind William Ruto’s 2022 presidential bid according to sources within the civil societies and human right activities.

Doctors order Raila to quit Alcohol – Doctors who have been attending to ODM leader Raila Odinga when he contracted the dreaded Covid-19 have reportedly advised him to quit drinking alcohol for his own good.

CJ Koome works on major Judiciary shake-up – New Chief Justice Martha Koome is working on reshuffle that will see scores of judges and magistrates moved to new stations.


Handshake goodies split Raila’s allies-Mega projects unleashed in Nyanza have put Raila partners in NASA –Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Wetangula- under pressure to deliver the presidency so that their regions can benefit.

Kenya’s civil service is aging but adjustments aren’t being made-The demographic profiles of countries like Kenya where a high percentage of people are young would suggest that it’s swiftly renewing its workforce with fresh talent. But this doesn’t seem to be the case.

New stars born at Eldoret City Marathon-It was the biggest race staged after the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. And it did not disappoint as the winners posted impressive times.


Muturi dares opponents to kick him out-A fresh plot is being hatched to remove National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi whose recent installation as Mt Kenya spokesman unsettles a number of politicians from Central.

AstraZeneca doses for second jab only—MoH-The government will deploy all incoming AstraZeneca vaccine doses towards administering of the second dose.The Health ministry expects to receive additional doses of the vaccine this and next week, with the latest donation of 358,700 doses coming from the Danish government.

Relief for motorists as Kenha directs expressway contractor to ease jams-Kenha has instructed the Nairobi Expressway contractor to expand diversions and make them easily navigable to reduce traffic snarl-ups along the busy Mombasa Road and Waiyaki Way.
The move will come as a relief to motorists and commuters who have had to make do with traffic jams, some that lasted hours.


Why Uhuru did not elevate six JSC nominees-Handling of the drugs case involving the Akasha sons and rulings on terrorism-related matters may have played a key role in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s refusal to appoint some of the judges nominated by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), People Daily can report.

Why leaders are jostling for post of regional chief-Keen to play a national role in next year’s elections, many politicians are strategically positioning themselves as regional kingpins or spokespersons.

Journalists union boss roots for improved remuneration-Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) has called upon employers in the media industry to ensure their practitioners in their media houses are properly remunerated.


By Amunga Akhanyalabandu

The raw material for Mumias sugar factory is SUGARCANE. Sugarcane is crushed to produce sucrose. A trip around sugar growing zones in Mumias paints a picture that suggest that Devki or any other investor cannot just walk into Mumias na Moshi uonekane!! Haiwezekani!!

This is why!

  1. A family in Kakamega whose original father had 20 acres in 1980, today lives on 1 acre courtesy of land fragmentation and distribution to sons. Sugarcane growing was about plantation farming. The acreage of arable land has since reduced and the current land tenure system can not sustain the crop.
  2. We were told that the receiver manager KCB was to do all including fresh planting of cane in the nucleus. Nothing has been done to this day. The former lush of Mumias nuclears is a grazing field for cows. No sign of sugarcane in the farms.
  3. It takes an average of 18 months to develop cane but 24 months and preparation included. Simply Mumias cannot roar back to life in the next 3 years.
  4. The current diffuser at Mumias has the capacity to crush 10,000 tones of cane per day. A trip around sugar growing zones in Butere, Khwisero, Wanga land and the entire locality our people have little or no Cash crop on their lands known as cane.
  5. The variety of seeds that is available can not produce the required sucrose levels because of the acidity in the soil’s today. A lot needs to be done before we can talk of reviving Mumias.

With this picture in mind it will be stupid to imsgine that Devki, the receiver manager or quick fix investor can revive Mumias. Mumias needs planning, thinking consultations and deeper investments.

*Devki is NOT an expert in agribusiness. He quick fix billionaire who is looking for an alternative business venture in and will be fast to change it if does not make profit. He can simply turn those Mumias millers and machines into scrap metal, roll them into mbati rolling mills, recover his money and relocate to Canada.

We need to think beyond “Bora moshi” and go for “Moshi Bora”. Moshi Bora will need preparations, consultations and deeper investments.